Road Trip Adventures 2012 + 2013

Last year, I did a spontaneous road trip to Sedona, AZ alone.  As I drove home from work on a Friday night, I just kept driving East for 12 hours until I got to Sedona. This year, I got to go on a road trip all the way to Seattle and back.  There are so […]

Last year, I did a spontaneous road trip to Sedona, AZ alone.  As I drove home from work on a Friday night, I just kept driving East for 12 hours until I got to Sedona.

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This year, I got to go on a road trip all the way to Seattle and back.  There are so many beautiful places still left in this world… it was a life changing experience.

2013-09-28 08.03.44

Me in my Mustang~ Ready for the road trip!  5 hour drive to SF here I go!


It was so nice out~ A perfect day to go to SF!  My first stop in SF was the Fisherman’s Wharf.

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2013-09-28 11.28.08

Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie

Oh man… I gotta say that I was extremely lucky to have tried this.  The fatty-ness and the crunch from the fried pork skin left me speechless.  I was eating at a bench next to two good looking British guys but that didn’t stop me from scarfing down my porchetta sammy!!! You must try it the porchetta sandwich. You won’t be disappointed!

2013-09-28 13.17.18

Drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to head towards the Vineyards!


Sonoma was absolutely beautiful.  I’ve been to Sonoma and Napa Valley before but I didn’t get to experience it in such perfect weather. I went to a couple of vineyards (Larson and Homewood) until I got a little tipsy and stopped at a little market at the end to have a little snack with my bottle of wine.

2013-09-28 14.10.51-2 2013-09-28 14.58.10 2013-09-28 15.38.02
2013-09-28 15.55.22-2

Since I started early to get to San Francisco that day, I called it a day and got a hotel in the area to rest.


The next day, I went to Napa in the morning. It was a bit overcast, but it was still beautiful.  I got to walk inside the grapevines!

2013-09-29 10.34.09



Next stop Hopland!  Ok I’ve never heard of Hopland before… it was on the interstate 101 North.  A little friendly town of probably less than 100 people.  I stopped by a little Tap House to grab a beer and a quick bite… and catch up a little on my Sunday Football. lol.

2013-09-29 11.48.02 2013-09-29 11.51.22 2013-09-29 11.57.41-1
2013-09-29 11.56.38

I drove through the woods and along the coastline to get to my last destination of the day Fort Braggs.

2013-09-29 13.47.05-1 2013-09-29 14.13.04 2013-09-29 14.30.10

Fort Braggs is known for Glass Beach.  In the early 20th century, Fort Bragg residents threw their household garbage over cliffs onto what is now Glass Beach, discarding and appliances. Locals referred to it as “The Dumps.   Over the next several decades the strong waves cleaned the beach by breaking down everything but glass and pottery and tumbling those into the small, smooth, colored pieces that cover Glass Beach.

2013-09-29 15.34.56

I couldn’t get too close to the shore since the tide was pretty high but I found few pieces of glass by the rocks.


Had few glasses of wine that I got from Napa by the coast.  It was very relaxing after my long long drive.  Then it hit me that it was already the end of day #2 and I wasn’t even half way to Seattle, so I decided to grab something light to eat, and look for a hotel to stay at.

2013-09-29 16.08.16

2013-09-29 14.55.41

Since it was getting a little chilly, this clam chowder was perfect.  I ate it all and started driving to look for a play to stay.

I drove for about another 20 miles until I found a little town called Fortuna, CA.  Checked into a Best Western Inn and walked over to a nearest sports bar to watch the rest of Sunday night football and had some beer and wings.

2013-09-29 19.32.37-1 2013-09-29 19.44.12-1


Day 3 I woke up pretty early to catch up on my drive up.  I had about 600 miles to go to get to Portland for lunch…

2013-09-30 07.18.12

The weather was making me a little bit depressed… making me miss LA lol.  It was a tough 600 mile drive up to Portland but I finally made it! YAY!

I stopped at a restaurant I found on Yelp. Sweedeedee was my ONLY stop in Portland since I took too long driving up California. I am a little upset that I didn’t have time to explore the city, but I am glad that I stopped by Sweedeedee.  It’s like a cute little deli with an exposed kitchen in the back.  It was packed on a Monday lunch time, but I was able to order and sit down before the food came.  Everything looked fresh and organic.  It was about time I ate something healthy on my trip lol.  I ordered a trout sandwich and wow, it looked so good and also tasted amazing!  I wish there was something like this restaurant in LA… I have yet to find one!

2013-09-30 11.50.04-1

2013-09-30 11.48.47 2013-09-30 11.58.33 2013-09-30 11.48.37-1

It reminded me of Portlandia lol… Love that show

Then I was off to Seattle!  It rained the whole way to Seattle. Here are some boring rain pictures I took from my car driving up…

2013-09-30 12.23.26 2013-09-30 13.12.35-2 2013-09-30 13.42.27

Then I was in Seattle… Wheres the Space Needle? lol

2013-10-01 10.15.05

When I reached Seattle the first thing I did again was EAT.  And guess what I found!  An all you can eat korean BBQ place!  I was seriously craving this my whole drive up…

2013-09-30 15.08.17

I didn’t want to do any of the touristy stuff when I was there so I decided to check out one of the Casinos out there since I saw so many driving around…  Watched Monday night football at the bar, played some video slots and ate and drank some more.

I wish I had some more time to explore each city, but the point of my trip was to drive aimlessly blasting my favorite music and just being alone in the wild.  Might look boring to others but it was a trip well worth it.  Next time I want to drive across the country to the East Coast 🙂


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