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I love pugs




This is something that I worked on for a city in Japan.  It’s the Karakida Tanuki (raccoon) Character that I am trying to propose.


Hotel Urashima Turtle Character Pitch

Screenshot 2013-10-14 10.01.22Screenshot 2013-10-14 10.01.10

These were little characters that I created for a Yogurt Shop


Screenshot 2013-10-14 09.57.08

Screenshot 2013-10-14 09.57.45


Tofu the One Eyed Pug

Tofu is my beloved dog who lost his eye from an accident. His eye got bit out by another dog that was just innocently playing with. Since he loves food more than any dogs that I know… I made him into a little chef.

ChefTofu DoubleBurger FriedChicken Fries GarlicFries MushroomSwiss Nuggets OnionRings TatorTots